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Remorquage Kar-Pro is going strong, thanks to our expertise!

Remorquage Kar-Pro: Passion for towing and the challenge it presents ...The man behind Kar-Pro is Karl Prosser, known as «Carlo». He is always up to the challenge, working in the towing industry since 1989. He’s held positions as tower, supervisor, and director of operations for large towing industry companies in the Montreal area. Whether it's a small car to move, a 53 foot trailer to put back on its wheels or to move a multi-ton crane, Carlo has always risen to the challenge.

Carlo decided to start his own business in 2009 because he believes in a job well done. Well-known for his excellent service and the care he takes in his work, he had no problem launching his own company. Several former clients have reinforced their initial confidence in him by seeking Remorquage Kar-Pro’s services once the company was created.

As a result of growing demand and in order to meet the needs of our customers, Carlo teamed up with a partner who has the same concern for quality as he. That is why in early 2014, Collin Charron became a business partner at Kar-Pro.

Collin has been in the towing industry since 2007, he has worked with Carlo in the past and they share the same passion for towing. This association enabled the opportunity to acquire another flat-bed truck to serve their growing customers base.

Do not hesitate to call upon the Remorquage Kar-Pro towing for your repairs, towing and transportation needs. We will meet your expectations!